Farnborough Airport
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Farnborough Airport
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Farnborough airport terminal building

Farnborough Airport

The most modern and efficient business aviation airport in Europe, TAG Farnborough is a convenient gateway directly into London.

  • Direct aircraft access for automobiles, unique to the London area
  • The best alternative to the congestion of other London airports
  • Streamlined immigration and customs procedures
  • Executive Terminal services with cafe and business centre for passengers and pilots
  • Hangarage for both transient and based aircraft up to BBJ2 and Airbus 319/320
  • Maintenance available for most business jet types

TAG Farnborough Airport Voted the #1 FBO in Europe in 2004, 2006, and 2007, TAG London Farnborough Airport has been built from the ground up to meet the highest standards of safety, service, and convenience for both passengers and crews alike.

But remember, there is more to Farnborough than the Airport. Explore the local community and you'll find great products and services too.


Farnborough airport in the news

Council U-turn on airport flights cap - PLANS to stop capping the number of flights at Farnborough Airport have been beaten by objectors. © gethampshire.co.uk

Date set for Farnborough Airport expansion inquiry - A DATE has been set for an inquiry into Farnborough Airport owner TAG’s drive for permission to almost double the number of flights there. © gethampshire.co.uk

TAG Farnborough Airport Loses Bid For Expansion - TAG Farnborough Airport has failed to get the support it needed from councillors for its plans to expand the number of flights. © gethampshire.co.uk

Blunder Over Emmissions Prediction at Farnborough Airport - Owners TAG got its sums wrong in calculating the environmental impact of nearly doubling the number of flights there. © gethampshire.co.uk

Council: 'Your voice will be heard over airport' A consultation about Farnborough Airport will help shape Rushmoor for the next 10 years, the council's chief executive has said. © gethampshire.co.uk

Double Flights Approved - TAG Aviation, has won its planning battle to double the number of weekend flights at the airport. © gethampshire.co.uk

More flights approved - Increasing flights at Farnborough Airport will ensure best use is made of the existing infrastructure, according to TAG’s draft master plan.© airportwatch.org.uk

Airport recognised for cutting carbon emmissions - PLANES from Farnborough Airport might be pumping carbon dioxide into the sky but the airport itself has been praised for its green efforts .© gethampshire.co.uk

Upset over Pickles' Airport business dinner - LOCAL government secretary Eric Pickles has come under fire for attending a private dinner with Farnborough airport chief executive Brandon O'Reilly just days before plans to almost double its capacity were finally approved. © gethampshire.co.uk

Olympics 'will not affect airport neighbours' - THE boss of Farnborough Airport has insisted steps will be taken to minimise disturbance caused by the inevitable increase in air traffic during the Olympics next year. © gethampshire.co.uk

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